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The film adapdation of the New York Times best-seller "Thirteen Reasons Why" by author Jay Asher has already been taken under the wing by Universal Pictures, Strike Entertainment, and July Moon productions. Selena Gomez has already been cast as Hannah Baker. This film is about a young teen who commits suicide, and leaves behind seven tapes with thirteen reasons why she killed herself. On the tapes she gives directions to go to places on her map. The next person in the chain is Clay Jensen, who loved Hannah, and was put on their so Hannah could tell him that she loved him too.

13 Reasons Why

Directed by


Screenplay by

Jennifer O'Kiefe

Produced by

Eric Newman Mandy Teefy Marc Abraham


Selena Gomez Logan Lerman Steven R. McQueen Josh Hutcherson Emma Roberts Liam Hemsworth Hayden Pannetiere William Mosely Keir Gilchrist Shia LeBeauf AnnaSophia Robb Carter Jenkins Adian Quinn Lucy Hale

Release Date

TBA 2013/TBA

Cast (Selena is the only one confirmed, others are my cast picks!)

Selena Gomez as Hannah Baker

Logan Lerman as Clay Jensen

Steven R. McQueen as Justin Foely

Josh Hutcherson as Alex Standall

Emma Roberts as Jessica Davis

Liam Hemsworth as Tyler Down

Hayden Pannetiere as Courtney Crimsen

William Mosely as Marcus Cooley

Keir Gilchrist as Zach Dempsey

Shia LeBeauf as Ryan Shaver

AnnaSophia Robb as Jenny Kurtz

Carter Jenkins as Bryce Walker

Adian Quinn as Mr. Porter

Lucy Hale as Skye

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